Woodland Flower Scavenger Hunt

Take a walk in the woods of Tettegouche State Park and look down at the plants that decorate the forest floor. Some look like miniature pine trees, some have flowers and others have brightly colored berries.  Here are some treasures you can look for on your next walk. You won’t find all of them in one place, but if you hike one of the trails, you’re sure to find some.

See how many you can find and enter the answers to the questions in the hunt below.  You can use the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons to navigate from question to question.  At the end of the hunt, you can upload photos of the items you found. You can optionally provide your name and address if you wish to be entered into our grand prize drawing at the end of the season.

Happy Hunting!

Woodland Flowers Scavenger Hunt

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  • Hunt #1 - Bunchberries


    Bunchberry plants grow low to the ground—in patches on the forest floor, often beneath pines and other coniferous trees. Each bunchberry plant has a whorl of pointed green leaves. In the spring, bunches of tiny, greenish flowers surrounded by four white bracts (leaves that look like petals) pop open. By midsummer the flowers have dropped and bright red berries grow.

    Fun Fact

    Bunchberry flowers open in less than half a millisecond—one of the fastest plant movements known. The rapid motion flings pollen into the air, where it rides on a breeze to other bunchberry blossoms.

  • When you find a bunchberry plant, count the number of green leaves in the whorl. Choose the number of number of leaves: