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We invite YOU to join us!

Want to get more involved with the Friends of Tettegouche?  We invite you to join the program committee.  We work together to plan events, activities and projects that further our mission.  Past/Current examples include Summer Scavenger Hunts, the Nature Play Area, Tree planting / habitat restoration and summer concerts.

Whether you can help with one project or all of them, you are invited to join us.  We do not expect members to help in every event/activity that is planned, but hope you will share your ideas, passion and efforts as time allows.  As a committee member you’ll have the opportunity to help us envision, plan and execute our goals for the year.  We work with the Board of Directors and Tettegouche Staff to ensure our plans fit with the overall mission and budget.

To sign up, simply fill out the form below.  A committee chair(s) will contact you with upcoming meeting dates and details.

Program Committee Signup

Events for 2022

We are in the process of building a Nature Play Area adjacent to the High Falls parking lot.  While most of the planning has been completed, we welcome anyone who’d like to help us build it.  There are obstacles to build, materials to gather, paths to make, etc.  For more details, click here.

Tettegouche State Parks features an artist’s work in the visitor center each month.  An artist reception is held the first Friday of the month.  At this reception, the artist introduces their work at a public reception.  The Friends of Tettegouche provide and serve refreshments.  The committee will coordinate the reception with Tettegouche staff, help with promotions, plan, purchase and coordinate volunteers to serve the refreshments.

The Friends of Tettegouche sponsor a outdoor concert featuring local talent.  The concerts will be held on one Saturday evening during the months of July, August, and September.  The committee is responsible for booking the talent, coordinating the event with Tettegouche Staff, promotions, and coordinating volunteers for the concert day.

The Leave No Trace Teams sponsored by Subaru provide outreach programs to teach the public about Leave No Trace principals.  The committee will coordinate and plan the event with the Subaru Team and Tettegouche Staff.  They will also do the promotions and find/coordinate volunteers needed for the program.

In past years, the Friends of Tettegouche has had a booth at Bay Days in Silver Bay. At the booth, we provide information on the Friends organization, promote our upcoming events/programs at the park and try to have a fun activity for kids/family.  The committee is responsible for reserving a space, planning on what activities to do, getting the brochures or other handouts, coordinating groups of volunteers to sit at the booth.

The geocaching event is a one-day event at the park where we introduce geocaching to families and individuals.  The committee will plan and coordinate the event with Tettegouche Staff.  They will plan how many caches will be hidden, where they will be hidden, purchase prizes for the geocaches, assemble the geocaches, hide them, coordinate volunteers, promote the event, etc.

We have sponsored both a one-day scavenger hunt (typically during Free Park day) and a summer-long event.  For the one-day event, we simply provide a list of things to find, volunteers hand out the list, the participants bring it back when completed and volunteers give out a prize.  The summer long event involves setting up an online scavenger hunt list and a way to upload pictures and entries for grand prize drawn in September.  Committee members will decide on items to find, create laminated posters and place posters at every trail, campground and doorway. Committee members will purchase and distribute prizes and publicize winners online and in local papers.

This will be a new event for FTSP.  Committee members will decide how the contest will be run – age/experience divisions, how long, find judges to pick winners, coordinate an art show of winners photos with Tettegouche staff, purchase and distribute any prizes, etc.

This event will be modeled after the WinterFest event held in 2020.  It will be held in February 2023. There will be outdoor events, such as naturalist-guided snowshoe walk, smores at the fireplace behind visitor center, indoor art activity, live music and refreshments in the lobby. Committee members will plan and coordinate event with Tettegouche staff, find musicians, plan refreshments and obtain food donations, determine indoor and outdoor activities, promote and run the event with the aid of additional volunteers.