Memory Games - Birds of Tettegouche

You can learn birds from the photos and improve your memory at the same time!
The goal of the game is to match the name of the bird (or the 4-letter alpha code) to the picture of the bird as quickly as you can.

Want an extra challenge?  Try the game based on Alpha Codes instead of the bird’s name.  What’s an alpha code? A four-letter code made from the letters of a bird’s common name.  This code is often used by birders when taking notes or keeping a checklist of the birds they’ve seen.  For birds with one name, it’s the first four letters (Dunlin = DUNL).  For birds with two names, it’s the first two letters of each name (American Robin = AMRO).  Hyphenated names incorporate the first letter or first two letters of each part of the name, although there is some variation here (Gray-cheeked Thush = GCTH).There are some species that do not follow these conventions exactly as there are some birds whose names are different but their alpha code would be identical. The entire list of all 2129 species and their alpha codes, listed alphabetically by the common name of each species, can be found here.

How to Play:

      • Click on any two cards.
      • Remember what was on the cards and where they are.
      • If the cards didn’t match, pick another two cards.
      • The game is over when all the cards have been matched.
      • Keep track of your time with the timer (click on the clock to see your time).
      • Click on the audio to have the game read the card to you.

Good luck and have fun!